Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage will be beneficial to anyone who is physically active with regards to their job, sport or lifestyle. The effects of sports massage will cause physiological, psychological and physical changes to your body.

The physiological effects

Massage can cause a parasympathetic reaction (relaxation) ie, reduction in muscle tension, increase in blood flow to the muscles and reduction of stress hormones or sympathetic response (opposite).

Psychological response

Massage can alter your mental state by either reducing your stress or stimulating your body to function well. Chemical changes can occur with the release of adrenaline or endorphins, altering your psychophysical state.

Physical effects

Massage can assist the flow of blood and lymph in your body, improve the mobility of the muscle fibres by stretching them and helping the separation of these fibres which may have become adhered to one another.

Benefits of sport massage

  • Aid in the removal of metabolic waste products from tissue assisting in recovery from activity.
  • The increased circulation due to vasodilation and mechanical pumping will increase the supply of nutrients to vascular tissue enhancing their health and aiding in healing and repair.
  • Help reduce pain, by removal of pressure build up due to congestion and metabolic irritants.
  • Relation and mobilisation of soft tissue will increase the range of movement thereby reducing the risk of injury and aiding in efficient movement, aid in pain reduction, and give you greater positional awareness

NB: The pressure applied to a sports massage will be adjusted to each individual.


45 Mins- £25

1 hour- £30- £35

Please note that a travel cost may be added depending on distance. Consultations are free and you should allow at least 20 mins assessment for your first session before treatment.